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Our clients

At Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS, we serve individuals and businesses of varying sizes, advising them in all aspects of their economic lives.

Our privacy policy is that we do not disclose any information about our clients to anyone. In accordance with this policy, we avoid disclosing even the names of our clients, revealing only the types of clients we help.

Business clients include small businesses, privately held companies, and major corporate and commercial clients in many fields, including: manufacturing, construction, printing, moving and storage, market research, import and export, health care, and computer services.

We help individuals of all needs and means, including those with what would be considered average resources to those who have acquired considerable wealth through their endeavors or through inheritance. Some of these individuals have created complex trusts which we serve as well.

No matter your need or the complexity of your economic life, Adele Brady Bolson CPA PS can help you.